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[07 Apr 2005|04:27pm]
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[25 Mar 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Today was pretty fun. amy and i hung out in the morning. we had waffles for breakfast and they were sweet and yummy. then I went and cleaned up at my grandma's. i got taco bell for lunch which was mega awesome. then i came home and took a shower, got online for a while. Then I played soccer for like an hour and a half. which was mega fun. it sucked being sick cuz it had been forever since i had been able to exercise. anyways, now im chillin at home waiting to see what we're gonna do tonight. so yeah. I LOVE SPRING BREAK!

shine bright

[24 Mar 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so it's officially spring break! me & amy are chillin here at my place. tonight we went to subway for supper then went to the mall and looked around. amy got a cute pink shirt cuz shes not poor but i didnt get anything. lol. I saw a shirt and these really cute pink shorts at hollister i want really bad...maybe later. anyways it was mega fun. then we came home and went to get dessert at rushs. I got a hot fudge cake yummy and amy got a strawberry sundae. it was Goood! lol. so were hangin out laughin at old pics of us and lookin at magazines...that's all peace! hope everybody has a good spring break! ONLY 32 MORE DAYS UNTIL GRADUATION!!!!

shine bright

[23 Mar 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

only 1 more day until spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shine bright

[13 Mar 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I love my sweetcakes more than anything!!!!

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[07 Mar 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well it's been a while again i guess. lol. I love the new layout i created and i'm proud of myself. you know how much i love ice cream & sprinkles. lol. well this will be short b/c I'm about to go prom dress shopping!!!! Yay! I'm excited. I really want either a mandarin orange color or possibly pink. I'm so excited that spring is finally almost here. this weekend (fri, sat, sun) I'm going to charleston with patrick & his family. we're gonna visit alex & eat & shop & have lots of fun! I can't wait! only 3 more school days cuz i'm skipping friday, woot! last weekend was fun too! we had jazz festival on saturday, and we got straight superiors (even tho the judges weren't supposed to give us a rating lol). the lights went out during our performance, so we played jazz in the dark. It was funny, but it was good that the dark didn't even phase us and we played awesome! then saturday night patrick & I had a date. we went to zaxby's then grabbed dessert at TCBY which was mega sweetness. then sunday was spent visiting family, and today (monday) was pretty good. I can't wait till friday tho. and I cant wait till prom! I'm off to buy a pretty dress! lots of love, alli

shine bright

[23 Feb 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so last weekend was band clinic. which meant today was back to school. blah. luckily tomorrow is the last day I have to go to school this week. anyways, USC band clinic rocked! It was so much fun. I was in the same band as Katharoni & Michael, and Lauren & Patrick were in the same band. Lauren was my roomie, it was fun! not as fun as USC band camp cuz our roomate was a butt! At least one of them was. So we couldn't stay up and goof off , we had to actually GO to sleep. lol. anyways, all in all it was fun! We played good music, all the bands sounded really awesome, and we ate tons of junk food! lol. It was fun spending the weekend w/ my friends and hanging out with my sweetcakes. And more exciting news Lauren totally met this guy at the clinic and they're going out now. And she's going to prom with him so we're gonna go prom dress shopping together! yay! So yeah...monday and tuesday were pretty boring except tuesday afternoon when me and patrick had a date. we went to mcalisters and got good food. Monday was boring. I was so tired from the clinic that I went to bed at like 8 sunday, mon, and tues night. lol. I'll probably go to bed about that time tonight cuz i'm still so tired. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that thursday night I went to the Jimmy Buffet concert w/ Amy for her bday and it was so fun! We dressed up all tropical and whatnot and looked so cute! So we got home from that at like midnight and then I got no sleep at all that night and the next morning headed off to band clinic. lol. Anyways it was all fun but tiring. Luckily friday's coming. and that means region band! yay. I'm so glad it's almost March! It's exciting that spring is coming. well it's suppertime so i'm gonna go...later

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[12 Feb 2005|10:57am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Happy Saturday! I'm chillin at home today, and that's prolly what I'll do all day. I'm guessing everyone had a fantabulous friday night. I did, for the most part. I went to bed early cause I was soo frickin sleepy...it was like 10:15 when I went to sleep. lol. I had a yummy breakfast (oatmeal w/ cinnamon & an english muffin!) And I did not leave the bowl of oatmeal sitting in my room, contrary to popular belief! lol chris and everybody else that knows about that joke. I'm hoping to get subway for lunch, it's what I'm cravin'! Maybe a little later I can go to WalMart and get some cd's. Now that I'm finally not broke after cleaning...I know fo sho that I wanna get the Ciara cd. I'll have to think about other cd's I might want. I dunno if we're going to Jacob's bball game or not. I worked on some of my history project earlier this morning so luckily I got some of that crap outta the way. That class irks me so bad...just ask me & amy about it and we'll tell you why we hate it so much. If amy was home, I'd go see her. but unfortunately she's not, so I guess I'll just do stuff alone today. sorta boring. I want to go out w/ friends or something....it's like we never go out in groups places anymore. Or maybe nobody invites me anymore. oh well. I can't wait for college. Especially can't wait till next weekend though! Jimmy Buffet concert thurs night with Amy (for her b-day!) We shall dress like parrotheads...lol. Then it's off to the USC band clinic and stuff so I can hang with my friends @ the Holiday Inn for a 3 day weekend. Then it's like a whole 'nother weekend cause we get mon and tues off-woot for that awesomeness. well its off to the store....leave me comments if u heart me! XoXo *aLLi*

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[11 Feb 2005|06:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys, I know it's been sooo incredibly long since I've updated. I'm gonna try to start back writing in it though! Katharoni is so great, she designed me a new layout so you should leave me comments and tell me it looks good lol! This weekend is gonna be pretty busy. I've got a history project due monday so I'll have to finish that. Patrick's in Charleston today and saturday, but I think I'm getting to see him sunday. Anyways, I have to go to Jacob's basketball game tomorrow, work on the project, clean the house, go pick out Patrick's birthday presents and what I'm getting him for Valentine's day, and some other random stuff. Today was carnation day. I got 10 from Patrick and 1 from biscuit! Love you guys! The rest of the day was kinda boring except for jazz band. I had tests in history and english. Kathryn helped me with my new LJ layout in band 2. So yeah....that's the day! Everybody should have a good weekend....anyways, I'm glad to be back writing! Feel free to comment....XoXo Alli

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[07 Nov 2004|10:10am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Well, it's over. I still haven't totally come to the realization yet. I guess its just so weird thinking that I will never do it again. Last night was my last STATE ever. The last time to ever march that show, the last time to wear that uniform, the last time to march with that band. It's a bittersweet thing. I was really happy with our performance last night, it rocked. I have no regrets whatsoever. It's still sad though that all four years of marching band at Lexington are over. This year was the best in a lot of ways. We had the best group of people we ever had in my four years. Individual effort was through the roof in comparison with past years. Everyone WANTED us to be great. And we were. The band was closer than ever and I had more friends than ever before. I also had the best squad in the world and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Our squad was a family. A bunch of my friends in my squad (Daniel, Alex, Bryan, and Tony) came up to me and gave me a hug and said that I was a great squad leader and that they were really gonna miss me next year and that I would have to come back and visit. There's just so many rewards you get from band. It's good to know that people think so much of you and will actually say that they care about you. I was thinking last night that If I had the chance to be in another band and win first place at all the competitions, that I wouldn't do it because I would rather get dead last and be with the people in my band/squad because I love all of them. All in all it was a great season and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now about the competition....
We did our prelims performance around 400. It was REALLY REALLY good, the best prelims performance I had ever had and I feel sure that it was the best ever for other people. We made finals and then performed again at 830. We ended up getting sixth place so that was good. There were 15 bands there and only 8 made finals. The other seven bands were Rock Hill, Ridge View, Summerville, Dorman, Dutch Fork, Wando, and Northwestern. There were so many good bands there though. Like Mr. Gatch said, VERY good bands went home without having the opportunity to perform in the finals. The scores were all very close in the finals, there was only about a five or six point span I believe. It was different having STATE competition at irmo though. I wished it would have been at rock hill but oh well. After the competition we were gonna go to the after state party but changed our mind. Patrick and I went to waffle house. It was cool cause we were like the only people in there for a while. I got home at like two in the morning and went to bed.

Friday was Senior recognition at the White Knoll game. It was fun but also kind of sad too. We won the game so we will be going to the playoffs. I think we'll have a home playoff game next friday night. We have a veterans day parade sometime this week. One thing I am looking forward to now that band is over is a lot more free time. And no more band practice! woot! I get to go home at 340 after school! Definately won't be missing practice, lol. Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks so I can look forward to that. I also will get to start going on actual dates with patrick so that'll be nice. lol. there was no time for dates during marching band season. I can go out with friends on friday nights! woot! Well that's about it for now. This afternoon I'm going to the the Jr. Philharmonic concert. Patrick's playing in it so I'm gonna see him and katharoni and rella. Should be fun. Well it's time so go, have a good sunday everybody! xoxo Alli

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